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Supporting your child with migraines is challenging. 

Puddle helps both you and your child to be in charge of the situation.

How to ease your child's migraines?

Pain is not only a biological issue.

At Puddle we focus on additional psychological and social approaches to help children to cope with recurring migraines.

The Puddle App

The Puddle App will include coping games, playful activities and fun exercises. All methods are endorsed by experts and co-created with therapists.

Coping with pain is team play. Puddle engages the whole family. We aim to increase the chance to improve a child’s quality of life.

What will actually help my child?

Experts and leading hospitals worldwide suggest that many non-invasive approaches can benefit your child by improving daily functioning, pain intensity and pain frequency.

Those are examples we use in the Puddle App:

Child yoga

Art therapy

Relaxation techniques


And many more...

We need your feedback

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Who are we

Nicola and Cornelius started the project and work with a great team of therapists and pain experts.


Nicola experiences chronic headaches since she was six years old. She understands what it means to grow up with recurring pain.


Cornelius has extensive work experience as a paramedic in Germany. He has expertise in working with children suffering from pain. 

Our supporters


All of our games are based on expert endorsements and developed together with therapists.

All our games, stories and exercises come from an expert-based approach such as yoga, hypnotherapy, physical exercises or relaxation techniques. Formats will include:

  • Mobile games
  • Videos
  • Audiobooks
  • Animations
  • Short instructions

We are currently developing the first prototype of the Puddle App and would love your feedback.

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We are not giving any medical advice on pharmaceutical products or invasive treatments.

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